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The Pursuing a Dream Foundation was founded in August of 2002 by Dave Owen and his wife Jane. Their dream was a unique West Michigan organization that empowers children, teens and adults with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors in a setting that breaks down barriers.

Our event volunteers and sponsors are passionate about making it possible for everyone to participate in activities like fishing, sport shooting and hunting. Pursuing a Dream’s woods and water adventures have included:

  • fishing with local schools
  • shoot-outs
  • pheasant hunts
  • turkey hunts
  • deer hunts
  • salmon charters
  • ORV dune rides
  • hiking and trips to the beach

The support of our donors also gives us the ability to fund special projects and events that make recreational facilities accessible to everyone in the community. To date, Pursuing a Dream has raised over $500,000 in cash, goods and services.